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Where does evil come from?

My friend says it all comes from the devil, but I wonder if that's just an excuse to get us off the hook.

Could the answer be …

Often in stories, there is a battle to overcome evil – a hero appears, stands up to evil, lays down his life and all turns out well in the end. Harry Potter fighting Lord Voldemort / Lord of the rings / Star Wars.

But the Question is; where does evil come from, how can it be defeated?

Many teachings talk about a struggle between Light & Darkness. Well we know where light comes from, when we turn on a light switch or light a candle – there is a source of light.

Darkness has no source – it is the absence of Light. Words are often used about bringing people out of Darkness and into Light.

So, is Evil the absence of Good? We look around and see people just following the trends, without a thought for right or wrong. Then a hero appears, speaks out for truth – the darkness is defeated, by bringing in the Light (truth and justice).

What do you think?