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How we feel

This plays a big part in how our day will be

Inside Out

This is where some of my inner feelings, become visible on the Outside...


How we connect with Others. Relationships, friends or family. When things don't go the way we expected.


The things we keep doing, that cause us problems in the long run. But it's difficult to stop.​


Where does it all go? How can I make the most of what I have.

Safe Space

There are places and people that scare me. How do I stay safe?

Good Shape

What I put in, I will get out. A good diet will help me perform better and feel good.


We either enjoy sports or we don't. But fitness is not all about sports. There are lots of other fun things to do to keep you fit and on top of your game.


How do I grow to be the best I can?


When everything is going wrong and I can't stand the pain

Who am I anyway?

There are things I know about myself, and then there is stuff that others know about me. But I can still struggle to know who I am, and where I fit in!

This has to be one of the biggest questions ever and one we can spend years trying to figure out.

I know I wear masks, so that I can be who people want me to be. Or is it to hide behind, cause I don't want people to see the real me.

It can be confusing and often, we just grab a status and say "That's Me."

Social media and peer pressure can push us into a box that just doesn't fit.

We are all work in progress and no one is perfect.

Learning to accept others just as they are, helps us to accept ourselves. Then we begin to discover who we really are.

Childline Identity