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Stories and letters, with meaning. Just as relevant today; when we think about it.

The Bible comes in many translations - it's good to find one that suits you. You might like to check out "The Word on the Street" by Rob Lacey.

John 15 goes a little like this:

To set the scene - The next speech is outside. (Who knows, possibly near a vineyard.) He sets up the image of him as a vine plant, his Father as the pruner and the team as branches. They need to keep contact with him if they're going to produce grapes. If they get lopped off, they'll be part of the next bonfire. But if they hit production targets, it'll prove they're well connected to him. Jesus speaks:

I've told you all this to cheer you up. To pump every part of you full of joy. My rule reads, "Love each other like I've loved you. There's no love that tops this love, the love where someone gives up his life for his mates. How d'you know if you're my mates? You'll do as I tell you. I don't call you "staff' or "employees", 'cos mere workers aren't in on the boss's plans. No, I call you "mates" 'cos everything Dad's told me, I've told you. I've held nothing back. Been totally open. You might think you opted into the team, but actually, I picked you. Why? So you'd be productive and that your produce would last. So, ask my Father for what you like, and he'll give it to you if you charge it to my account. Don't forget my rule "Love each other."

[Take time to think]